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Whole rafts are being sold via adverts on the internet that are under investigation by the Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office. Photo: Fábio Bispo/InfoAmazonia


  • Online site sells mining chemicals and barges
    Trading platforms such as OLX and Mercado Livre offer equipment used by criminals on the Madeira River in the state of Amazonas. The Federal Public Prosecutor’s Office is investigating the case. (InfoAmazonia)
  • Indigenous suffering between Amazon and Cerrado
    Residents of the transition region between the biomes is prone to flooding, soil erosion and the silting up of rivers. These impacts were caused by projects started during the dictatorship in order to create hubs of monoculture. (O Joio E O Trigo)
  • Three Indigenous Lands devastated by illegal mining
    A survey by Greenpeace Brazil shows that the Kayapó, Yanomami and Munduruku tribes lost an area of 1,410 hectares in 2023 on account of illegal mining. The most critical situation is that of the Kayapó. (Folha de S.Paulo)


  • With a record number of fires, the Amazon region could see a temperature spike
    Due to the drought, the region recorded the highest number of fires for the month of February since 1999, particularly in the state of Roraima. (Agência Pública)
  • Symbolic court ‘condemns’ Cargill
    The leading exporter of corn and soybeans is accused by Indigenous people of promoting the construction of a railroad through the forest in order to transport grain. The company denies any connection with the construction project. (Repórter Brasil)


  • Rubber bounces back for conservation
    Rubber tappers in the state of Pará have returned to latex extraction after 30 years and earn additional payment for helping to keep the forest standing. This activity does not jeopardize the region’s native trees. (BBC Brasil)


  • Manaus’ last living tributary under threat
    The Água Branca tributary is suffering from the impacts caused by urbanization, deforestation and pollution. The local fish population could disappear. (Amazônia Real)
  • Catfish added to vulnerable species list
    Fish that travel 11,000 kilometers between the mouth of the Amazon and the foothills of the Andes in order to spawn are threatened by the construction of hydroelectric dams and overfishing. (Mongabay)
  • Refuge crucial to saving pied tamarin
    This monkey is on the verge of extinction due to the urban sprawl of Manaus. Experts urge the establishment of a protection area. (((o))eco)

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The pied tamarin monkey is feeling the effects of the accelerated urbanization of the city of Manaus, in the state of Amazonas, and is under threat of extinction. Photo: Diogo Lagroteria

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