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Brazil’s new government



Belo Monte versus the fishing communities

  • The Norte Energia consortium, responsible for the Belo Monte hydroelectric plant, has presented the Brazilian Institute of the Environment and Renewable Natural Resources with a compensation plan for the 1,976 fishermen whose livelihoods were harmed by the plant. In addition to financial compensation, the company has promised to fund “productive projects”, reports the Folha de S. Paulo newspaper. The consortium hopes the proposal will lead to the renewal of the plant’s operational license, which expired in November last year. 


Illegal forest exploitation

  • 8,000 hectares of forest in the Guariba-Roosevelt Extractive Reserve, in Mato Grosso, suffered illegal exploitation between 2013 and 2021, reports the oeco news site. The reserve is located between Colniza and Aripuanã, in the far northeast of the state and close to the triple border with Amazonas and Rondonia.
  • The arrival in Latin America of the Swiss chain Ikea, the world’s biggest consumer of wood, is worrying environmentalists. How will the home furnishing store chain’s expansion affect the Amazon Rainforest? The Peruvian independent journalism site OjoPúblico has revealed an increase in the importation of wood from Brazil by the Falabella group, which represents Ikea in Latin America, in the last two years.


Agrobusiness suffocating family-run farming

The pirarucu, the giant that saves the Amazon

  • In the Amazon, the pirarucu fish is helping to save the rainforest. The fish have returned to the lakes of Medio Jurua. An Associated Press story describes how people from different backgrounds are working together to save the pirarucu from illegal fishing and extinction in the Medio Jurua Extractive Reserve. The controlled fishing has protected the environment and brought money to the community.

Belo Monte hydroelectric plant. Photo: TV Brasil

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