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Deforestation in the municipality of Lábrea, in the southern part of the State of Amazonas, seen during a flight made on March 26, 2022. Photo: Christian Braga/Greenpeace


  • Multinationals versus Indigenous
    Indigenous territories are being suffocated by the presence of 1,692 farms. Many of them belong to multinational producers of grain, meat, timber, sugar and ethanol, according to the De Olho nos Ruralistas observatory.
  • Midnight mining in Yanomami land
    Illegal miners on Yanomami territory are extracting gold, cassiterite and other minerals at night. According to Amazônia Real during the day, they hide their machines in order to evade surveillance.
  • Deforestation concentrations
    The municipalities of Apuí, Novo Aripuanã and Lábrea, in the southern part of the State of Amazonas, accounted for more than two-thirds of all the forest destruction in March, according to G1.
  • Munduruku children contaminated
    Mercury is the cause of deformities and delays in the development of Munduruku children and of blindness and tremors in adults, according to Repórter Brasil.

Illegal mining on the Munduruku Indigenous Land, in the State of Pará, where mercury contamination affects children’s development and causes blindness in adults. Photo: Marcos Amend / Greenpeace

  • States are lax over timber
    Only four of Brazil’s 27 states have laws that oblige public bodies to purchase wood from responsible sources, according to ((o))eco based on a report issued by the Institute of Forest and Agriculture Management and Certification.


  • Linguistic rescue team
    Altaci Rubim, who has a PhD in linguistics, works at the Ministry of Indigenous Peoples with task of salvaging languages that are at risk of disappearing, according to Amazônia Real.
  • Study: mammals at risk of ‘savannization’
    In an article published by Mongabay, researchers discuss the future of 300 species of rainforest animals affected by global warming and deforestation.


  • Europe bans deforestation products
    The European Parliament has approved a law banning companies from selling products to the European Union such as coffee, soy and wood, which come from areas that have been deforested or degraded since 2021.
  • ‘Green colonialism’ denounced
    Western countries’ climate strategies put indigenous territories and natural resources at risk, according to indigenous leaders quoted by The Guardian.


  • Amazon violence tripled under Bolsonaro
    Cases of violence in the Legal Amazon tripled during the four years of the Bolsonaro government, according to the Comissão Pastoral da Terra (Pastoral Land Commission): indigenous people accounted for 38% of those murdered in rural areas.
  • Amazon fake news peddlers
    Disinformation in the Legal Amazon has been spread by Pro-Bolsonaro websites that manipulate deforestation data and propagate conspiracy narratives, according to Intervozes.

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